CFP, and a question

I wanted to attract attention to the call for papers for this conference we are organizing in Amsterdam, here.

The Classical Model of Science II – The Axiomatic Method, the Order of Concepts and the Hierarchy of Sciences from Leibniz to Tarski (Amsterdam, August 2-5, 2011 Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam)

It has 50% gender balance among invited speakers (4 and 4) and among the scientific committee (13 and 13). It took some effort and time but most of all it is the result of paying attention. We proved it is possible! I wanted to thank the blog and the gendered conference campaign for raising awareness on this point. It helped us getting clear on how important it is – or at least it helped me making it clear to everybody involved that
this is important.

A question: as said in the call, we are currently investigating child care facilities. Professional child care for the duration of the conference would amount to 3200 euros. If there is need and interest among invited speakers we will try to raise the money but I am not optimistic that we will manage. We were less prone to use students as suggested on the blog, also because legislation and rules on the matter in the Netherlands are quite strict. Is there any institution that you might recommend to us for apply to with some chances of success?

Thank you in advance – and best wishes!
Arianna Betti

Language and Mind, 60% female

Wow. (Maybe there are women interested in these things, after all._

First PLM Conference
Every two years PLM will organize a conference in the philosophy of language and philosophy mind area. The first PLM conference will take place at Stockholm University, Stockholm, 16-18 September 2011. A selected number of speakers will be asked to contribute a paper in a following special issue of Synthèse.

Keynote speakers will be:

* » Delia Fara, Princeton
* » Crispin Wright, NIP, Aberdeen (NIP) / NYU
* » Elisabeth Pacherie, Institut Jean-Nicod, Paris
* » Hannes Leitgeb, Munich
* » Genoveva Martí, ICREA and University of Barcelona

Women in Metaphysics!

We’ve several times called attention to conferences and volumes which help to perpetuate the false view that there aren’t women in metaphysics. But increasingly often we’re getting the far happier job of calling attention to really excellent-looking metaphysics conferences with lots of women! Hopefully this is a sign that things are really changing. Check out the upcoming SPAWN conference at Syracuse, organised by Andre Gallois, Kris McDaniel and Joshua Spencer. And then check out the Carolina Metaphysics Workshop, organised by Laurie Paul. Hurrah! (Thanks, EB and MM!)