Knit Your Own Kama Sutra

Here at Feminist Philosophers, we love a good knit, so I was very happy to discover Trixie von Purl’s new book Knit Your Own Kama Sutra.

My favourite is probably this one:
[Image shows two knitted figures – a man and a woman – having sex on hay bales. The man is sitting up with his legs stretched out in front of him. He has curly hair and a beard and is wearing what appears to be a cowboy hat. The woman is lying facing him, resting her head on his feet, with her feet around his neck. A knitted hen looks on, possibly in some amusement.

Mobile Female Monument

Otherwise known as the Giant Vulva Bike taxi. Created by Finnish artist Mimosa Pale to protest the phallocentrism of the world. The piece was on display in the Tennispalatsi Art Museum in Helsinki. Every other day, it was taken around the city, and people could climb inside where there was sufficient space for a single adult to lie down on the satin upholstery.

Picture after the jump…

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Knitting and Science

Here at FP, we love what happens when traditional womanly crafting skills meet science (or beards). So here’s another to add to the series – sadly, I’m not sure where it’s from. A friend randomly posted this on Facebook. But behold, and enjoy…Image 

UPDATED TO ADD: The pattern can be found (and purchased) on Ravelry. The designers name is Alana Noritake. Thanks to Marianne for supplying this info!

Knit a uterus for your member of Congress

Thank you Jezebel, for suggesting that we “Knit a Uterus to Donate to a Congressman in Need.”

Remember when we decided that Rick Santorum needed a uterus of his very own so he’d leave ours alone? Well, now there’s a similar idea being proposed for the members of Congress across this great land who seem so insistent on getting all up in our lady parts since they’re jealous they don’t have any of their own. So how exactly are we going to make that happen, since we can’t, you know, give them actual uteruses? Enter Government Free VJJ, a project which aims to have have ladies knit or crochet lovely versions of uteruses (plus cervixes and vulvas) and mail them to their representatives.

 So kind of you to provide fabulous patterns for such wonderful projects as the Snatchel, Felt Cervix, and Happy Uterus.


Today is a good day for some craftivism.