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A great model from STEM July 23, 2014

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When UC Davis biologist Jonathan Eisen was invited to give a prestigious named lecture, he was flattered. Then, he consulted the list of previous lecturers in the series and discovered that women researchers had been all but omitted. He wrote to the organizers and declined the invite on the grounds that he did not want to participate in a series with such skewed gender representation. The response from organizers with thoughtful and constructive. The conversation Eisen sparked and that his inviters took up is a great model for all of us. Here‘s Eisen’s blog post about it. Make sure you scroll down to read the organizers’ awesome reply.


(h/t DF)


GCC: Square of Opposition May 3, 2014

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Another all-male list of invited speakers at the Square of Opposition Congress taking place at the Vatican May 5-9, 2014.

(For more information about the GCC, see here.)


Two departments, five keynotes, no women April 4, 2014

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UPDATE: It turns out the text below is from an ad for the conference, and now inaccurate. There’s now a woman keynote, Holly Smith.

I’ve been forwarded this:

“The Universities of Rutgers and Lund are pleased to invite paper submissions from graduate students for the fourth Rutgers-Lund Graduate Conference.
Keynote Speakers:
(1) Alvin Goldman (Rutgers University)
(2) Martin L. Jönsson (Lund University)
(3) Erik Olsson (Lund University)
(4) Jonathan Schaffer (Rutgers University)
(5) Stephen Stich (Rutgers University)
Date: April 17th and 18th 2014
Location: Rutgers University, Department of Philosophy”


Knock, knock. Who’s there? People you’re not inviting to conferences. March 2, 2014

Dear Prof Manners

My AOS is heavily male, and yet there is a steady influx of really talented women working in the area, in addition to a cluster of senior women who have been doing high quality work in this AOS for a long time.

It is very common for many meetings in the area to feature an all male list of speakers, some of which have drawn the notice of the GCC. My question is, how can I bring up gender balance with close friends and colleagues who feature in all male lineups at these meetings? Close friends of mine speak at all male lineups over and over again, without seeming to notice how bad these meetings are for the women in the area.

Thanks for any advice you can give me!


Locked out




Logic and its philosophy (male edition) February 25, 2014

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BCAP 2014 – Bucharest Colloquium in Analytic Philosophy 2014  – Logic and its philosophy
Organized by:
Romanian Society for Analytic Philosophy
Center for Logic, History and Philosophy of Science
Department of Theoretical Philosophy
University of Bucharest
Bucharest, 3-4 September 2014
Confirmed keynote speakers:
Kit Fine (New York)
Øystein Linnebo (Birbeck)
David McCarty (Indiana)
Gabriel Sandu (Helsinki)

We are looking for high-quality contributions on logic and philosophy of logic.
Presentations will be 30 minutes, followed by 15 minutes for discussion. Please send a 500-word abstract, prepared for blind review, to bcap2014@gmail.com
Deadline for submission is April 25th, 2014.
Notification of acceptance is expected by May25th, 2014.
For more information, please contact:
Sorin Costreie
or visit http://www.srfa.ro/bcap-2014

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On a lighter note. . . February 11, 2014

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Female conference speaker bingo!



Hat tip AM!


Eight men talk about cognition January 21, 2014

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Dates: 25-29 June 2014
Theme: Cognition and Action
Location: Kraków, Poland
Submission deadline: 31 January 2014

The Jagiellonian-Rutgers Conference in Cognitive Science
Invited Speakers:

from United States:
– Ernest Lepore, Rutgers
– Alan Leslie, Rutgers
– Thomas Papathomas, Rutgers
– Matthew Stone, Rutgers

from Poland:
– Józef Bremer, Jagiellonian
– Grzegorz J. Nalepa, Jagiellonian
– Edward Nęcka, Jagiellonian
– Marcin Szwed , Jagiellonian

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Men discuss imprecise probabilities January 14, 2014

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LMU Munich

27-28 June 2014



Imprecise probabilities offer a model of uncertainty that is more general, less idealised than the standard precise probability framework. Imprecise probabilities are receiving increasing attention in statistics (as well as in artificial intelligence and in economics). Recently, there has been a resurgence of philosophical interest in these generalised models of uncertainty. The aim of this workshop is to bring together philosophers and statisticians to see what we can learn from each other. We are sure that such interdisciplinary collaboration will be valuable both to philosophers and to statisticians. Topics on which we might expect fruitful discussions include:

– updating imprecise probabilities and dilation;
– foundations of imprecise probabilities;
– procedures for eliciting imprecise probabilities;
– decision making with imprecise probabilities.

We invite submissions of extended abstracts of 1500 words for contributed talks by 1st March 2013. Decisions will be made by 15th March 2014.

KEYNOTE SPEAKERS: Fabio Cozman (São Paulo), James M. Joyce (Michigan), and Teddy Seidenfeld (CMU)

If you’re not sure why we’re posting this, go here.


Well, I suppose it’s a form of unity and coherence… January 10, 2014

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to have just one gender speaking at a conference.

The Düsseldorf Center for Logic and Philosophy of Science (DCLPS) kindly
invites you to attend the upcoming one-day workshop ‘Unification and
Coherence’ which will take place at Heinrich-Heine Universität Düsseldorf
(Building: 16.11, Floor: 1, Sitzungssaal 1), January 16, 2014.

The aim of the workshop is to bring together scholars who work on the topics
of unification and/or coherence in the hope of fostering research at the
intersection of these two fields.


09:30 – 10:30 Ilkka Niiniluoto ‘Consilience and Abductive Confirmation’
10:30 – 11:15 Ioannis Votsis ‘Ad Hocness and Unification’
11:15 – 11:30 Coffee break
11:30 – 12:30 Victor Gijsbers ‘Pierre Duhem, Natural Classification and
12:30 – 14:00 Lunch Break
14:00 – 15:00 Dennis Dieks ‘Unification and Explanation in Recent Quantum
Gravity Research’
15:00 – 15:45 Gerhard Schurz ‘Unification and Causality’
15:45 – 16:00 Coffee break
16:00 – 17:00 Mark Siebel ‘Coherence and Consistency’
17:00 – 18:00 Jonah Schupbach ‘Isolating the Effects of Coherence’

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Embodied Cognition and Sport Psychology, For Men January 3, 2014

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UPDATE:The organiser has let me know that there were four invited women speakers, who had not yet accepted at the time the notice was sent out.

[Our sender notes that we might find it amusing to note that it is advertised (lower on the text) as ‘the hottest conference of the year’.]

The Department of Philosophy of UAE University and Abu Dhabi Sport Council are happy to invite you to the

First International Conference in Embodied Cognition and Sport Psychology
24th-27th February 2014, Emirate of Abu Dhabi, UAE

This academic conference aims at exploring important points of connection between the empirical studies of sport psychology and the embodied approach to the cognitive sciences. It will offer a unique occasion of interdisciplinary collaboration, and foster opportunities of reciprocal learning between theoretical and applied sport scientists, exercise and performance psychologists, cognitive neuroscientists, psycholinguists, philosophers of mind, phenomenologists, and practitioners who work in the sport environment, including coaches, trainers, and athletes of various disciplines.
Embodied cognition theory offers the most suitable paradigm to pursue this integration and cross-disciplinary collaboration: successful sport psychologists recognize that the results and the models of embodied cognitive science can allow them develop more effective training methods; reciprocally, attentive cognitive scientists can’t overlook sport and exercise psychology, as this field is one of the richest terrains for empirical exploration, experimental discovery, and epistemological validation of models and theories. Cooperation between these two fields promises immediate and tangible benefits, as it allows proving the correctness of the theoretical models by testing how effectively they can improve the athletes’ performances; at the same time, it raises the value of sport science for cognitive science, proving how the empirical study of athletic performance can inspire and validate new explanatory models of sensorimotor capabilities, control, attention, memory, and language-action interfaces. Sports can provide invaluable insights for the sciences of mind, telling how skills are actually enacted and controlled, through the body, defining dynamic boundaries between mind and world.

Confirmed keynote speakers:
Tom Carr (Michigan State University)
Dan Hutto (University of Wollongong)
Jesus Ilundain-Agurruza (Linfield College)
Mauro Maldonato (Universita’ della Basilicata)
David L. Mann (Vrije University Amsterdam)
Albert Newen (Ruhr-Universitaet Bochum)
Thomas Patrick (ASPETAR, Doha)

This four-day long conference, co-organized and sponsored by UAE University (College of Humanities and Social Sciences and College of Education) and by Abu Dhabi Sport Council, is presumably going to be the hottest of the Winter (up to 25-30 degrees Celsius): it will be held in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, in a unique landscape framed by the desert dunes, the shores of the Arabian Gulf, and the most futuristic skyscrapers. The first two days (February 24th-25th), dedicated to research themes and theory of the sport sciences, will be held on the brand new state-of-the-art campus of UAE University, the top ranking academic institution of the Gulf region, situated in the ancient oasis city of Al Ain; the remaining two days (February 26th and 27th), dedicated to applied issues related to training and coaching, will take place in Abu Dhabi city, the modern capital of the United Arab Emirates – situated just one hour from the multicultural and trendy metropolis of Dubai.

To learn about the Gendered Conference Campaign, go here.



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