‘Philosophy Grad Student Target of Political Smear Campaign’

Daily Nous has the story.

A philosophy graduate student and instructor at Marquette University [Cheryl Abbate] is the target of a political attack initiated by one of her students, facilitated by a Marquette political science professor, and promulgated by certain advocacy organizations.

The full story is quite disturbing, and Justin has screen shots of some incredibly offensive (and misogynistic) comments that have been directed towards Abbate as a result.

Justin has also added this update to the story: “Those interested in encouraging Marquette University to support Abbate may wish to write polite messages of support to the dean of the university’s Klingler College of Arts and Sciences, Dr. Richard C. Holz, at richard.holz@marquette.edu, or the interim provost of the university, Dr. Margaret Faut Callahan, at margaret.callahan@marquette.edu.”

Tell the Home Office what you think about same-sex marriage

You have till Thursday to take part in the public consultation on the proposed changes to laws governing civil partnerships and  marriages in the UK. It takes about five minutes to fill out the form. No doubt there will be, ahem, interested organisations mobilising their membership, so let’s mobilise ourselves in response.

Direct link to consultation survey form.

Stonewall background and information page.

Nepal Supreme Court approves same sex marriage

From the Hindustan Times:

“The court has instructed the government against making any discrimination on the basis of sex. This is a landmark decision for the sexual minorities and we welcome it,” Sunil Babu Panta, a leading gay activist in South Asia and Nepal’s only lawmaker in the Constituent Assembly representing the community, said.

Great news! And thanks to Vishal for passing it on.