Female refs? You’re having a laugh.

In our confusing, difficult modern world of structural discrimination, implicit bias, and gender identity politics, do you ever find yourself nostalgic for some good old-fashioned blatant sexism to get your teeth into? No, thought not, and there’s plenty of it around anyway.  But just in case, here is a recording of some spectacularly unreconstructed sexism from Sky Sports’ main football commentating team, Andy Gray and Richard Keys (and here’s a transcript of that slightly fuzzy recording, along with some context and discussion).

For those too fatigued to follow links, the charming pair discuss the assistant referee Sian Massey, who was on duty for her second Premiership game on Saturday. They conclude that she must be unable to understand the offside rule, owing to her having, y’know, breasts and stuff. Or maybe it’s because she can’t reason spatially? Something like that. As a bonus, there’s a dig at Karren Brady, the West Ham deputy chair, for complaining about (of all things) sexism in football. We even get “the game’s gone mad”! It’s the glory glory days all over again.

Professional football is a reliable bastion of bigotry in all its forms, but in the UK at least, racism is commendably rare, and pundits have been sacked in the past for being daft enough to express racist views into live microphones. Will Sky treat sexism seriously? Don’t hold your breath.

By the way, as Keys predicted, there was a “big one” in the game — a crucial decision for Massey to make, relying on acute awareness, perfect positioning, and knowledge of that pesky offside thing. And guess what? She got it right! Must have been a fluke.

Brown on HRC on sexism

We told you about the picture,  but left out what Hillary Clinton said in response.  Here it is:

“Senator Clinton is pleased to learn of Jon’s obvious interest in the State Department,” Philippe Reines, a Clinton spokesman, noted in an email to ‘The Loop, “and is currently reviewing his application.”

Let me tell you what I initially thought.  Then do please look at Campbell Brown’s unhappy reaction linked to below and see what you think.

I thought it was a not bad put down.  “I’m reviewing his application” is an assertion of her power and his comparative lack of it, so it takes the picture for exactly what it was:  about power.

If she had cried “sexism,” what would have  happened?  The evening news would once again be full of insulting references to Clinton’s complaining and  not being able to take a joke!  As it was, they just didn’t get it. 

Or am I just wrong?  See what Campbell Brown thinks.  (You’ll also see the offending photo.)  What do you think?

Chief Speechwriter can leave us speechless

From the Independent:

The trouble arose yesterday afternoon when some photos briefly appeared on the social networking site Facebook, showing Jon Favreau, the president-elect’s boy-wonder chief speech writer, dancing at a party with a lifesize cut-out of the soon-to-be chief diplomat of the US.

In another picture, the 27-year-old Favreau (credited with inventing the ‘Yes We Can’ slogan that became Mr Obama’s rhetorical trademark) is seen placing his hand on Ms Clinton’s cardboard chest, while a friend is pressing a beer to the lips of the former first lady and outgoing New York Senator.

What frat party was that??