Disciplined for racism

Alfred Duckett, the only African American professor in the Cameron University Department of Music, is being disciplined, perhaps fired, for creating a hostile “racist” climate.  The article is disturbing, suggesting that part of the account of Duckett’s “problematic” behavior included placing anti-racism signs on his office door, advocating for diversity in hiring, raising race as […]

“One Classroom, Two Genders”

“One Classroom, Two Genders” Interesting reflections by Jennifer Finney Boylan on how gender norms and expectations factor into teaching from the perspective of someone who has taught as a man and as a woman.  Also, age.  For her, age seems to have brought some freedom, but surely also brings some challenges.  

The Good Racist People

The Good Racist People In modern America we believe racism to be the property of the uniquely villainous and morally deformed, the ideology of trolls, gorgons and orcs. We believe this even when we are actually being racist. In 1957, neighbors in Levittown, Pa., uniting under the flag of segregation, wrote: “As moral, religious and […]