Right To (Request) Flexible Work

In the UK. From The Guardian

Gordon Brown used his first Queen’s speech yesterday to set out a potentially costly and controversial work-life balance agenda that could give flexible working rights to as many as 4.5 million extra parents. Employees with children as old as 17 could be extended rights that have proved incredibly popular to parents with much younger families.
At present the right to seek flexible working applies only to parents with children under six or parents of disabled children under 18.

Note that this is only the right to *request* flexible work. But that in itself is important, as employees have been discriminated against just for making such requests. Even more importantly, however, it seems employers are actually responding well to such requests.

The government released a survey yesterday that suggested there was increasing interest in flexible working, with a surprising 93% of employers responding favourably to requests by staff.

(For those unfamiliar with the Queen’s Speech Phenomenon, it may seems strange that *Brown* could make proposals via the *Queen’s* speech. But the Queen’s speech is written by whoever is in goverment– she just delivers it. Hmm… there’s gotta be something interesting in there for a creative philosopher of language to play with!)