Conference: Analytic Philosophy and Clinical Psychoanalysis (Indiana)

Indiana University’s Philosophy department will be hosting a conference on Analytic Philosophy and Clinical Psychoanalysis from May 25–May 27 on the Bloomington campus. The conference is co-coordinated by Katy Abramson and Adam Leite of the philosophy department, but we welcome participation from both philosophers and clinical psychoanalysts interested in pursuing this joint exploration. *Registration is free.*
This conference aims to open a dialogue by exploring areas of common interest: empathy; value, psychological development, and the analytic process; self-knowledge and rationality; memory and meaning; interpersonal interactions; psychoanalysis as ethics/the analyst as ethicist. Invited keynote speakers are Edward Harcourt (Oxford University), Jonathan Lear (University of Chicago), and Juliet Mitchell (University College London and Cambridge University). Three invited panels, each pairing an analyst with a philosopher, will speak to some of these common themes: symbol formation and emotional significance (Fred Busch and Jim Hopkins), moral development and defense (Léon Wurmser and Michael Lacewing), and empathy in the therapeutic setting (Louise Gyler and Louise Braddock). Submitted papers will discuss topics including irrational thought, narcissism and gender, ideology in psychoanalytic theory, clinical sexual boundary violations and moral condemnation, mentalization and literary analysis, and sadism and the boundaries of the self in Othello. 
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