Below you will see the announcement for the Mansbridge Awards.  FP also received a note headed by this

Dear Colleagues who have been calling institutions to account on sexual harassment,

The American Political Science Association Women’s Caucus would like to share with you this year’s citation for the Mansbridge awards, a new award given by the Caucus for improving conditions for women in political science.

Although you are not mentioned by name in the citation pasted in below, it does mention those who have worked to call harassers to account, and mentions that these people know who they are. We hope you all know you have made a difference this year, and we are sure, in other years.

Further, let me note that the articles about the philosopher named below were done almost entirely by Jenny Saul. (One was done by the indefatigable K. Pogin!)


Committee: Kristen Monroe (Past-President), Laurel Weldon (President), Denise Walsh (President-elect)
The 2016 Mansbridge Awards Committee of the National Women’s Caucus for Political Science is pleased to recognize two awardees. This year’s theme honors those who work to promote public accountability for gender equality and inclusion in the Profession and beyond.
The first awardee is Women Also Know Stuff (WAKS). Women Also Know Stuff is dedicated to promoting the work of women political scientists. These brilliant women have devised a social media strategy to hold accountable those who construct expertise in our society without appropriately including women political scientists. They have both prompted greater discussion of the importance of including greater expertise, and they have provided a resource that enables those so inclined to identify appropriate speakers and experts. For more information see
The editorial board of WAKS includes: Emily Beaulieu, University of Kentucky, Amber Boydstun, University of California, Davis; Nadia Brown, Purdue University; Kim Yi Dionne, Smith College; Andra Gillespie, Emory University; Samara Klar, University of Arizona (founder of Women Also Know Stuff); Yanna Krupnikov, Stony Brook University; Melissa Michelson, Menlo College; Kathleen Searles, Louisiana State University and Christina Wolbrecht, University of Notre Dame. We thank them, and all the WAKS supporters and followers, for their work promoting women in political science.

The second group we would like to recognize are the people who blew the whistle this year on sexual harassment, both in Political Science and beyond, again holding our profession and our institutions publicly to account. This includes the many women in the field who took it upon themselves to approach the APSA leadership about sexual harassment at national conferences last year, the women and others in APSA leadership who helped craft the response over the last year, as well as the many women fighting battles at their own institutions across the country, including, for example, the public discussion of Philosopher Thomas Pogge (see professor?utm_term=.rrV0Av8vY#.pw30V2a2G). This is a more diffuse group, but these women know who they are. Thank you from the Caucus.
The Mansbridge Awards were established by the Caucus in 2015 to honor political scientist Jane Mansbridge. The Minutes read that “The National Women’s Caucus for Political Science voted to establish a new award, named after Jane Mansbridge, past WCPS President, former APSA President and a tireless worker, dedicated to opening new opportunities for women. The Jane Mansbridge Award will be given on special occasions to extraordinary individuals who perform service above and beyond the call of duty on behalf of the WCPS and to advance opportunities for women in general. Recipients of the Mansbridge Award will be chosen by the WCPS President, President-elect, and past-president. Nominations may come from any member of the WCPS.”