St Andrews Head: We will cancel E&D efforts if strike succeeds (petition)

As you may be aware, UK academics are engaged in their biggest ever strike.  There have been lots of threats from management.  But the St Andrews Principal has specifically treated to axe Equality and Diversity efforts if the strike succeeds.

From the petition:

In an email to staff at the University of St Andrews dated 20.2.2018 you listed a number of initiatives which are allegedly in jeopardy should the USS pension scheme remain as a Defined Benefit, rather than change to a Defined Contribution scheme. All of these particularly pertained to the rights of women and people from minority and disadvantaged groups studying and working in your institution; they included: a mentoring scheme for mid-career and senior academic women, a professorial merit exercise, housing development for early and mid-career staff, a nursery for the children of staff and students. Your email signaled that inclusivity and diversity would be de-prioritised, and research into them cancelled should the dispute be determined in line with proposals submitted by the University and College Union.

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3 thoughts on “St Andrews Head: We will cancel E&D efforts if strike succeeds (petition)

  1. For information: the situation has moved on since this post. On 5th March, our Principal (Sally Mapstone) sent out a general email disavowing any implied threat to equality/diversity/inclusion initiatives. Within St Andrews, some people committed to equalities work have been satisfied by this, and other committed people have not. For what it’s worth, my view is that the university has recently been taking important belated steps in the right direction, there is recognition at all levels that there is lots more to do, and there is appetite to get on with this work once our pensions are secured.

  2. Hi FPs – I (think I) submitted a comment yesterday, is it awaiting moderation? Thanks – Katherine

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