“The female gaze”

“The Female Gaze” was an exhibition at Cheim and Read, in NYC.  It is about women artists looking at women.  It seems to me important to remember that it is a curated show, so there is a layer of choice between us and the artists.  Still, there are important  and biting critiques of the Western tradition. 

  The video below starts out being a bit jerky and hard to watch, but it is worth sticking with; James Kalm, artist and critic, has done a lot of these quite casual looks at important exhibitions.  You can view pictures of the exhibition pieces here.

James Kalm also has a video of an exhibition of works by the important artist, Joan Mitchell, who is in the gaze exhibition. 

What are you thinking about?

Anything you care to share about:  the terrible weather, horrific job scene, disasterous economy?  The restructuring of (some?) universities in the UK? 

If you are not in the USA, is your government looking any less disfunctional?

What about what you are teaching?  Writing?  Reading?  Viewing?

What’s the world look like from your point of view?