It’s International Women’s Day

Not that you’d notice reading  major US or British newspapers, at least not the ones I just checked.

Still, Huffington post has a short column from the NATO secretary-general, who points out that instability and the disenfranchisement of women go hand-in-hand.  This theme is also picked up by this clip from NATO:

Democracy Now has a depressing piece on the USA’s record in failing to ratify the UN’s Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women.  Of course, the fact that the treaty requires that countries allow reproductive freedom is a huge political stumbling block here.  From this perspective, the USA’s isolationism looks more entrenched than many of us were hoping.  Well, thanks, you-know-who, for solidifying our turn against the UN.  (Hint:  last name begins with “B”.)

(Corrected; thanks to Matt.)