Pregnant UK Women Get Cash For Food

pregnantwithcarrotsIn a move that I suspect will seem very strange indeed to Americans who still fantastise about the state providing basic health care, the UK government plans to provide cash grants of £120 (around $240) for every pregnant women to buy fruit and vegetables.  This will be given out along with nutritional advice at 7 months gestation.  Hmm… It’s certainly good to see something being given to pregnant women other than yet more lists of what to worry about, and yet more criticisms of everything they do.  But I do wonder if giving all women this small food grant (which can in fact be used for anything) is the best way to help really low-income women, who are the ones most in need.  On the other hand, people tend to resent means-tested benefits much more than universal ones.  Also, I can’t help but wonder if 7 months in is a little late to start helping.  I’d love to hear what others think.