Collegium of Black Women Philosophers

The Collegium of Black Women Philosophers has now met!  This photo is organizer Kathryn Gines and first US black woman PhD in philosophy, Joyce Mitchell Cook.
Gines and Cook
You can read about it here.  We’d really love to get a first-hand report on this.  If any of our readers attended, we’d like to hear about it.  One way to tell us would be to put some comments on this post.  Another way– which we’d be really excited about– would be to write a guest post for us, either anonymously or not.  If you’re interested, just click on contact and let us know!

7 thoughts on “Collegium of Black Women Philosophers

  1. I read the article in the Chronicle on Higher Education about the convening of the philosophers. In response as black female philosopher in her own right, I think that focus should be the precious opportunity to awaken the consciousness of humanity (including the African American population). I say fully walk into your purpose like Douglass and DuBois. The awakening of the minds of a people is given to only a few. Let’s not ruminate over quantity and enjoy the quality of those who have reached into this higher plane of thought to balance and complement the spiritual/religious leaders who are typically seen in the lead in humanity. Some have lost their way due to capitalism.

  2. Phew! black female philosophers, gosh that sounds wonderful.. Hallo I’m a south African, doing masters in philosophy at the university of Fort hare, m writing a long essay on the problem with the consciousness of the black….am looking for someone to chat with about us blacks….

  3. Black woman philosophers,i wish you would come to South Africa,and you start conscientizing us and quick! we need it! Anericans,black americans,black female americans have always been good with this sort of thing,the Black consiousness movement was because of black americans,but sad to say from what we see in Hollywood,things just aint good,keeping it real means a nother thing…So start here,come and brings us light,conscientise us! Collegium of black women philosophers,where you at?

  4. Linono, if you look at our blog role, you’ll see some blogs that might be interesting to you. Do look at the Symposia for Gender, Race…

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