Surgical Tools and Hand Size

It seems many surgical tools are still being made with male hands (generally larger than female ones) in mind. A new study argues that tools for smaller hands are needed (which would of course also help males with smaller hands). Strikes me as a nice example of the way that non-obvious barriers to women’s advancement may remain in place even once obvious ones have been removed. Also makes me really appreciate the additional barriers that a surgeon friend of mine undoubtedly had to face even once she got past the people (surgeons, in the UK) telling her that she shouldn’t be a surgeon because she’s a woman, and even after she’d convinced them (a lengthy battle) to allow her to work part-time in order to get some time with her daughter. (Thanks, Jender-Parents!)

One thought on “Surgical Tools and Hand Size

  1. This is a good point that isnt’ often made. I read a blog a while back by a female carpenter who noted the same problem in tool manufacturing. She talked about how (even though it’s annoying that they’re often being made pink) it’s a step forward that more women-friendly tools are being made.

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