“What can we do for him?”

Grace Lee Boggs, whom we have written about before, was interviewed today on Democracy Now (a site full of interesting comments on change and the new president).**  She said she noticed that Obama looked more somber today than she had ever before seen him look.  She expressed concern about the great burden now placed on ‘that family,’ and thought the country must work to ensure his success.  One thing we can do is to work to improve our communities, she mentioned.

I couldn’t find a transcript on the site today of her exchange with Alice Walker, but let me recommend the thought to all.  The transcript may well be there tomorrow.

**In case you are tracking our posts, this was a short bit right before they ended and I turned, sigh, to Prager.

2 thoughts on ““What can we do for him?”

  1. Looks like there’s video and audio available for the interview here.

    There’s also a transcript for an interview with Boggs that Amy Goodman made, which focuses on Martin Luther King. Just glancing at it, it also contains a similar focus on rebuilding community.

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