PLMSTube is a product of Harvard’s Project on Law and the Mind Sciences.  You should be able to get to it here.  There are a number of video-lectures that should be of interest to readers of this blog.  Jennifer Eberhardt’s set of videos is being discussed over at What Sorts of People; it’s on race and implicit bias and attitudes.  Since the talks look at how such factors actually play out in the justice system, they are pretty horrifying.   We ought to know about this research. 

Another three are about System Justification theory, and cover a lot of topics relevant to this blog’s interests.  Here’s the description:

System justification theory addresses the holding of attitudes that are often contrary to one’s own self-interest and therefore contrary to what one would expect on the basis of theories of self-enhancement or rational self-interest. Thus, our research focuses on counter-intuitive outcomes, such as the internalization of unfavorable stereotypes about one’s own group, nonconscious biases that perpetuate inequality, attitudinal ambivalence directed at fellow ingroup members who challenge the system, opposition to equality among members of disadvantaged groups, rationalization of anticipated social and political outcomes, and tendencies among members of powerless groups to subjectively enhance the legitimacy of their powerlessness and, in some cases, to show greater support for the system than do members of powerful groups

“Visions for Change”

“Visions for Change” is section of the latest Ms, but it is also an online feature.  Further, you can contribute your ideas about change.  From the publisher of Ms:

Now is our time to think big. We cannot settle for less…too many women’s lives, too many people’s lives, depend on it.

In this spirit, the Editors of Ms. magazine have asked our readers and feminist leaders, experts, and activists to share their visions of what must be done to move forward at this extraordinary time.