Pacific APA hotel boycott

Workers at the St. Francis in SF have asked that the public boycott the hotel, which is where the upcoming Pacific Division meeting is scheduled.  The University of San Francisco has stepped in to provide an alternative location for sessions, and a list of non-boycotted hotels one might choose.

All  the needed information is available on this web site.  I understand that the last time USF provided such a service, it was very successful.  Having visited the campus recently, I can vouch for its being a much more pleasant place than any downtown hotel.

Thanks, JT!  And thanks to USF.

5 thoughts on “Pacific APA hotel boycott

  1. What are some alternative hotels where APA folks will be staying? Anyone staying some place other than Saint Francis?

  2. There’s a hotel union guideat the official APA conference site.

    It seems a bit odd to me that USF is organizing this after the official APA decision was made to stay at the St. Francis… USF is not in walking distance from the St. Francis, so this is likely to cause a rather chaotic conference… And who knows, Muni might go on strike, too… (That’s the public transportation agency).

  3. Rachel, USF sponsored an alternative site last time the APA was in SF and a labor dispute was occurring. The hotel workers are serious in asking you to boycott the hotel — they claim the St. Francis made record profits last year, yet want to eliminate health benefits for workers.

    Last time USF held the event, many sessions were held on the campus, in a friendly atmosphere, with great attendance. USF is next to Golden Gate Park, Haight Street, lots of restaurants, etc. An alternative APA can be fun while supporting the cause of union workers. The USF site lists nearby (cheaper) hotels.

  4. Thanks for the background info, Jackie! Given that history, it seems to me that the APA should start looking for an alternative location for conferences other than the high-end hotels…

  5. When I was a grad student in that part of the country, we always stayed at the youth hostel when we went to APA events in SF. It’s not like everyone has to know where you’re staying, and the hostel is more fun. In my experience.

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