Metaphysicians: send in your essays!


Oxford Studies in Metaphysics Younger Scholar Prize

The Younger Scholars Prize program, funded by The Ammonius Foundation ( and administered by the Editorial Board of Oxford Studies in Metaphysicsis an annual essay competition open to scholars who are within ten (15) years of receiving a Ph.D. or students who are currently enrolled in a graduate program. Independent scholars may also be eligible, and should direct inquiries to the Editor of OSM (see below). The award is $8,000, and winning essays will be published in Oxford Studies in Metaphysics.

Submitted essays must report original research in metaphysics. Essays should generally be between 7,500 and 15,000 words; longer essays may be considered, but authors must seek prior approval by providing the Editor with an abstract and a word count prior to submission. Since winning essays will appear in Oxford Studies in Metaphysics submissions must not be under review elsewhere. To be eligible for next year’s prize, submissions must be received, electronically, by 31 January 2013. Refereeing will be blind; authors should omit remarks and references that might disclose their identities. Receipt of submissions will be acknowledged by e-mail. The winner will be determined by a committee of members of the Editorial Board of Oxford Studies in Metaphysics and will be announced in late February or early March 2013. (The Editorial Board reserves the right to extend the deadline further, if no essay is chosen.) At the author’s request, the Board will simultaneously consider entries in the prize competition as submissions for publication in Oxford Studies in Metaphysics, independently of the prize.

Inquiries should be directed to the Editor, Dean Zimmerman, at dwzimmer AT, or by post through regular mail at:

Professor Dean Zimmerman
OSM Younger Scholars Prize
Philosophy Department
Rutgers University
Davison Hall, Douglass Campus
26 Nichol Avenue
New Brunswick, NJ 08901-2882

Ann Cahill is a funky feminist po-mo philosophical fabadabadoo…

according to 3 am Magazine.

Richard Marshall introduces Cahill this way:

She defends big words, considers the astoundingly deep inability of US culture to understand the emotions of miscarriage, finds continental philosophy condusive, considers Foucault’s wrong about rape, settles more in Irigaray’s camp than Butlers’, (but doesn’t want to stereotype them), insists on the embodiment of humans, finds there’s still a lot to do about sexism in philosophy even though it’s getting better, has things to say about beautification and self defence and has thoughts about ways of overcoming objectification through a carnal ethics. All in all this makes her a feminosophical blast.

Read the interview here.

We’ve recently blogged about Cahill’s work on feminism and weight loss here.

Petition in support of Abbas Khosravi Farsani

We write on behalf of Abbas Khosravi Farsani, a graduate of Imam Sadegh University, who was until recently working on a Ph.D. in Western Philosophy at Isfahan University.

Last June, however, Mr. Farsani was arrested and expelled from the University and forbidden to teach at any Iranian university for writing the blog and book by the name of “Najvahaye Najibane” (“Noble Whispers”) allegedly insulting the Supreme Leader and high officials of the Iranian regime. He has a summons to appear before the Revolution Court of Iran on January 26.

Sign the petition here.