I was watching so I could announce FP’s reaching the 6,000,000 views mark. Then my attention wandered and now we are over 6,040,000.

About the time I found out we’d passed the 6,000,000 mark, I saw a somewhat backhanded acknowledgement that we’ve had some impact. But as with many things on the net, what started out a simple pleasure became complicated and a bit unpleasant. Apparently a lot of people took the remark that FP has soured the profession to leave out other immense efforts to do so. (That is snark!) In addition, the very premature celebration of Brian’s loss of power and importance started up again.

So now back to a deflated feeling, let me give you the urls that added up, I thought, to something funny.

It starts with BL’s repeating a letter:

And it ends with Jaded PhD very funny interpretation of the letter:

Only now we have an Intro or two from Jaded, along with interim comments in bold, who appears to have been very severely chastised. And, of course, it would be very wrong to write out the last 40 or so years’ of feminist struggle for women in philosophy. I didn’t for a minute think Jaded was doing this. And nothing could be farther from the intentions of those writing for FP.

Celebrations about Brian are in the comments.

As Dr J, my partner, often says, But you’re dealing with philosophers! You know what to expect.

Pregnant Deaf Woman Sues for Interpreter Access During Delivery

Cheylla Silva has filed an emergency motion in U.S. federal court (Miami) to obtain signed language interpreter access during childbirth. 

Silva is hoping the delivery goes smoothly because if there are serious problems, she might be at a loss to communicate with her doctors and nurses. Silva is profoundly deaf, and, for months, Baptist administrators have refused to provide her with an American sign language interpreter, she says.

“Can you imagine going to a doctor’s office and not being able to understand what they are talking about? And it’s about your care. How would you feel?”

 “One of the essential elements of personal dignity,” the pleading adds, “is the ability to obtain the necessary information to make an adequate and informed choice about one’s own medical treatment. Medical treatment and childbirth are some of the most intense and important experiences for a person.”

Then again, it should be easy enough to just write notes in one’s second language during childbirth, right?