A return to stock photos: Women suspicious of birth control

We’ve posted before about women laughing alone with salads. Now, Erin Gloria Ryan is drawing attention to women suspicious of birth control. From Jezebel:

Women featured in stock photos have busy, complicated lives. They’re laughing alone with all kinds of salads, both with and without croutons. They’re diversely inept at riding bikes. They fly into unpredictable hysterics in the presence of a scale. But there’s one thing that most stock photo women agree on: birth control. In that they’re incredibly suspicious of it. . .

The following images were all among a popular stock photo service’s “most relevant” results in a search for “birth control.” As the results became less “relevant,” the number of happy or calm-looking stock women with birth control increased. Probably because birth control, in Stock Land, is on par with piles of baking powder arranged in lines to look like cocaine and a gathering of empty shot glasses before a person clutching car keys.

Women In Stock Photos Do Not Trust Birth Control

The Free Speech of Women

The Emma You Are Next site isn’t just a prank. It’s a civil rights issue, an assault on the free speech of women.

The academic world, including much of the philosophy world, has a lot to say about the importance of free speech at the moment.

The free speech of women is free speech.

The ways in which it gets denied (by both legal and illegal means) can, sometimes, look different from the ways the free speech of men gets denied.

That does not mean it is a morally comfortable combination of stances to ignore assaults on the free speech of women while defending free speech.

I am glad that philosophers care about free speech and proud that many of us defend it loudly. I think we should do the same when the free speech in question is that of women.

I think this because I think that women are people.