Perceptions of Philosophy — survey link

John Turri at University of Waterloo writes to tell us that he’s “running a survey measuring perceptions of different areas of philosophy and their relationship to science.” So far, fewer than 10% of his respondents have been women. There’s still time to change that. Interested in taking the survey? Here’s a link.

José vs. Joe

Of course, we’ve posted about issues discrimination and bias issues with resumes before, so this will not be surprising to our readers, but it’s a subject worth revisiting (and I was pleased to see this from a source like BuzzFeed!). 

From BuzzFeed:


From the Huffington Post:

His name is José Zamora, and he had a routine.

During his months-long job search, he says he logged onto his computer every morning and combed the internet for listings, applying to everything he felt qualified for. In the Buzzfeed video above, he estimates that he sent out between 50 to 100 resumes a day — which is, in a word, impressive.

But Zamora said he wasn’t getting any responses, so on a hunch, he decided to drop the “s” in his name. José Zamora became Joe Zamora, and a week later, he says his inbox was full.

As he explains in the video, “Joe” hadn’t changed anything on his resume but that one letter. But what Zamora had done, effectively, was whitewash it.

And then there’s the Green Card …

A frequent commenter on this blog now has a green card problem that will need assistance from a lawyer!

This page gives you an explanation of the problem and a chance to donate.

I’m advocating for a friend, and I have the sense that questions about this can certainly be raised. So look at the case for yourself and see what you think. I myself think that excellence in a beginning prof most certainly should not be wasted on green card issues.