OED accused of sexism

After Michael Oman-Reagan, an anthropologist and Ph.D. candidate, tweeted the Oxford University Press that their dictionary included sexist language in some of their example sentences, the publishers of the Oxford English Dictionary agreed to review them.

Oman-Reagan pointed to “rabid feminist” under the word “rabid,” as well as several others…

The word “shrill” uses “the rising shrill of women’s voices” as an example…

Under the word “psyche,” the example sentence is “I will never really fathom the female psyche.”

For more, go here.  (Thanks, C!)

Consent and tea

I have no idea how we managed to miss this public service announcement from Thames Valley Police, which has apparently gone viral since it was revealed to the world in October last year. But miss it we did. Which is unfortunate, as it’s completely hilarious.

The original video is here:

And here’s a version with subtitles: