For that special wedding

blue-morpho-flower2_03One consolation of philosophy consists in the serendipitous connections discovered as one works.  For example, if you are working on the technical disjunction problem then you might start to think about mimicry, one clear example of which occurs in butterflies.  The Monarch Butterfly and the Viceroy Butterfuly are hard to distinguish.  The latter minics the former, which is poisonous.  Looking poisonous is a good thing for butterflies. 

And then, if you research this  on the web, you may well come across electronic wedding butterflies.  Truly!

Electronic monarch butterfly
Electronic monarch butterfly

Isn’t it a great idea  to have electronic butterflies at a wedding?  You can add a live release, thus combining the electric and the – by comparsion – natural.

And in fact, for less than $25, you have you very own electronic butterfly for your office, for example.


(I think the pictures both portray electronic butterflies, but I’m not certain.)