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BNP Wives June 21, 2009

Filed under: politics,race — brynhild @ 9:42 pm

A documentary looking at three women in the British National Party, a party with such catchy slogans as ‘rights for whites’ (chanted by skinheads, of course. But don’t worry, they’re not racist. Just patriotic). Be prepared to be thoroughly creeped out. (Do be warned: racial slurs peppered throughout. Not for the faint of heart.)


Iran’s Women

Filed under: human rights,politics — Jender @ 7:29 pm

From the NY Times:

Iran’s women stand in the vanguard. For days now, I’ve seen them urging less courageous men on. I’ve seen them get beaten and return to the fray. “Why are you sitting there?” one shouted at a couple of men perched on the sidewalk on Saturday. “Get up! Get up!”

And a haunting message from an emailer to the Huffington Post (scrawl down to 8.53 ET), referring to her fallen sister in the struggle, Neda:

I’m here to tell you my sister died while in her father’s hands
I’m here to tell you my sister had big dreams…
I’m here to tell you my sister who died was a decent person… and like me yearned for a day when her hair would be swept by the wind…

Thanks, Mr Jender.


Mean, nasty ads

Filed under: appearance,objectification — annejjacobson @ 6:23 pm

There’s been a lot of discussion on the blogshpere about the Barcardi ads. Their idea is that a woman can look better by going around with a less standardly pretty friend.   Ha. Ha. 

I thought this joke was overdone in grade school!  Let’s avoid their product.

Thanks to CF!


The Sunday cat loves the way eagles walk.

Filed under: cats — annejjacobson @ 2:11 am

The bird is so magnificent. In addition, it lopes along like a character from the Sopranos. See these times:
0:24, 1:32 and 2:29




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