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Project Unbreakable: survivors of sexual violence December 12, 2011

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From a reader:

I wanted to bring to your attention a new project that’s happening online by a 19-year old student named Grace, Project Unbreakable.¬† She started it by taking photographs of sexual violence survivors holding up signs with what was said during their attack. it’s snowballing because it gives a voice and a way for survivors to take back what happened to them.


Reader Query: How can universities support sexual assault survivors?

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I am a graduate student in philosophy and a survivor of sexual abuse. While universities seem to be becoming more aware of the possibility of rape and abuse on campus, I have found little to no long-term support available. There is a very strong pressure to just “get over it,” and I am afraid that I will be seen as weak and not grad school material for disclosing. In my experience there is some support for the immediate aftermath, but about 6 months to a year out you’re expected to be over it.

Knowing the statistics, I can’t imagine that I am the only woman in academia struggling with this. How can we make our environment supportive not just of the immediate aftermath, but of the long-term success of our survivors?


Mind Association Fellowships

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The Mind Association has asked me to draw your attention to their fellowship schemes, both senior and junior. Find out about them here.


Inside Higher Ed on The Smoker

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Inside Higher Ed has picked up on this blog post from What is it Like.


Lionel McPherson on blacks in philosophy

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He’s guest-blogging over at NewAPPS. Go check it out.

UPDATE: The first comment on this post asks an important question of the sort we value a lot here: Black philosophers, WHY STAY?



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