Men doing abstraction (UPDATE: Not just men)

UPDATE: A longer list of speakers is now available, and it is not all male. (Good news!)

CONF/CFP: Abstraction: Philosophy and Mathematics
Summer school and workshop
University of Oslo, 21 – 23 May 2014


According to Frege, the notion of abstraction has a central role to play in a philosophical
account of classical mathematics. For instance, Frege regarded the direction of a line as
somehow “abstracted from” the line in question, governed by the principle that the
direction of one line is identical with the direction of another just in case the former line is
parallel with the latter. Principles of this form are known as “abstraction principles” and
play a central role in the neo-Fregean abstractionist programme initiated by Bob Hale and
Crispin Wright.
This combined summer school and workshop aims to take stock of the abstractionist
programme after three decades of intensive philosophical and technical study, as well as
to make progress on some questions that have recently received much attention, such as
the metaontology of abstraction and the variety of responses to the bad company
problem, including the possibility of a more “dynamic” approach to abstraction (recently
advocated by Øystein Linnebo, James Studd, and others), which sees abstraction as a
process whereby ever greater domains of abstracta are “generated”.


Matti Eklund, Bob Hale, Øystein Linnebo, Agustín Rayo, Stewart Shapiro, Crispin Wright

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