3 thoughts on “Sunday Boxing Cat (Inauthentic)

  1. jj, that’s a most welcome break from a tense week. I didn’t know your many proficiencies included cliffhangersmith, but now I can’t wait for the tell-all follow-up.

    Even knowing there’s a trick, my deep-rooted impulse is cheering for the cat. Is that proof of some undiagnosed psychopathology, in addition to being attracted to philosophy?

  2. counterfnord, you are such a welcome presence here. Thanks so much for intervening last week. I obviously agreed with you.

    The cat is not a trick. At least, I think I can say accurately that no trick is involved. Well, you’ll see tomorrow.

    Some people have thouht philosophy is a disease. Wittgenstein at times wanted to say that at most it could be therapy for unnecessary problems created by language going on a holiday.

    And, no, the cat is not on a holiday, but what creates the inauthenticity is not in the picture or even really about the picture.

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