Onora O’Neill on what we don’t understand about trust

Philosopher Onora O’Neill has given a TED talk wherein she re-frames some common suggestions regarding trust.

The aim is to have more trust. Well frankly, I think that’s a stupid aim. It’s not what I would aim at. I would aim to have more trust in the trustworthy but not in the untrustworthy. In fact, I aim positively to try not to trust the untrustworthy. And I think, of those people who, for example, placed their savings with the very aptly named Mr. Madoff, who then made off with them, and I think of them, and I think, well, yes, too much trust. More trust is not an intelligent aim in this life. Intelligently placed and intelligently refused trust is the proper aim.

The talk, and a full transcript of it, can be viewed here.

(Note: This is from September but as I missed it then, some of you may have too!)

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  1. That quote. (!!) So going on my office door. I only wish there were a way to do so such that readers would hear O’Neill’s voice when they read it.

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